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Council tax to rise to a legal maximum
£1.5m penalty for a rogue landlord!
Protest against reduced taxi journeys for disabled people
Harrow council to support Breaking Point Campaign  
Harrow Council new chief executive

New Town Centre Library 
Blackman fortune could run out 
Autumn Nights crackdown on crime and
anti-social behaviour  
Would Harrow West Tories return donations
by a now convicted fraudster?
Harrow community activist honoured   
Ashton in Hall’s foot-steps!
Council supports knife crime campaign 
Hall point-scoring again!  
Could Harrow bin collections change?  
MP proactive in policing matters 
Blackman divisiveness! 
Crime & police numbers in Harrow – matters of concern
Unseat Tory MP Bob Blackman
Ashton late in hitting Corbyn
Pleased to help!
Opposition politics of ‘yellow lines’! 
Morrissey fails to condemn Johnson 
Timely intervention helped!
Christine Bednell borough services rightly recognised 
Massive fly-tipper caught in action!
Newton Park restoration
Blackman told off at the Commons again
Only Blackman says he is not ‘divisive’!
Council telephone answering time needs to improve 
Harrow appears in pro-Tory racist group!
Uncomfortable bus shelter seats are to stay
Council opposition profile – mixed picture!
Tory MP Blackman defends indefensible
London mayor money for a Harrow park 
NHS front desk at Wealdstone Centre closing 
Blackman plays the divisive ‘caste’ card!
New Harrow council leader
TfL can’t afford much needed bus shelter in Wealdstone!

Labour hold Harrow – Tory group deputy is out
Election pledge reinforced
Harrow suffers due to government policies 
Tory manifesto lacks substance
Harrow Labour manifesto eclipsed 
Harrow likely to remain Labour  
Blackman slammed after sharing vile anti-Muslim Facebook post

Pinner Road shopkeepers need help not political point-scoring

NHS health check programme improving 
Institutional collusion to keep patients silent
Council budget debate goes on
Harrow council condemns Blackman politics
Harrow pharmacies deprived
Fly-tipping a real concern in Harrow 
Blackman widely condemned! 
About time! 
NHS underfunding biting – Harrow CCG in dire situation

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