Surprise, surprise, surprise!

No institutional racism at the Harrow Council, says a well predicted report written by the former Asian Harrow police chief!
He was appointed by the council to investigate the allegations of racism at the council, primarily prompted by the Independent Labour Group, but within the framework of the terms of reference defined for him by the council!
We have previously questioned how an investigation could be “independent” if the political arm of the body that has been accused of racism sets the terms of reference and appoints an investigator of its choice on behalf of the body!
An ILG letter published on 27/3/2014 argued that his appointment will be neither independent nor professional.
We on this site have previously alerted that the language of the terms of reference and confusions within are enough to indicate that whatever is going to be built on a problematic base, is going to be problematic.
Back in January, our Wealdstone candidate Councillor Husain Akhtar professionally predicted the outcome of the well staged institutional investigation in terms of: “Although there has been some political instability recently and few feel that they have been discriminated in some instances, mostly political, there is no evidence that the council as a body is institutionally racist” – how true he was!
A serious question was also raised at the time: “Should we really continue with this doomed investigation and waste significant public money?”” –
We believe that public money has been wasted in this case.