ILG foot-soldiers deployment decided by Tory leader?

It appears that the exact number (47) of the Independent Labour Group (ILG) candidates and their placement were known to the Tory group leadership well in advance – considering the close relationship between the real driver for the ILG and the Tory group leader, it is very likely that the ILG was directed to strategically place its troops to safeguard Tory group seats. After all, obvious function of the ILG foot-soldiers seems to be to divide the Tory opposition votes and make ground for the Tory group gains.
Classic example is the Harrow Weald Ward where three ILG Muslim candidates have been placed who have no hope whatsoever to win but are most likely to divide the possible Muslim votes to the Liberal Democrat who are a real threat, especially to a Tory leader’s favourite!
Like what was done to the miners, the Labour in Harrow has been divided by supporting the formation of the breakaway Independent Labour Group which is all set to divide the Labour votes to benefit Tory group at the May election.
In view of all this, our analysis remains that a vote for Independent Labour Group, is a vote for Tory group, especially in view of the history below:

    • In 2010 voters voted in Labour administration to run the council
    • In mid-2013, the breakaway Independent Labour Group, encouraged and supported by the Tory group, snatched the council administration from Labour because of what has been described as the personal grudge against some in the Labour group (which became highly toxic later)
    • Few months later, the Tory group grabbed the council administration with the support of the well groomed Independent Labour Group who voted in the Tory group through a highly controversial process which has created the present political mess (i.e. a hung council where both the Labour and Tory groups have 25 councillors each, and Tory minority administration is in place because of the 8 ILG councillors)
    • Council chief executive resigned and Harrow residents finished up with an elected-mayor style Tory administration with unsure and insecure leadership