Blackman could endanger communal relationships!

Concerns are mounting that while Harrow East MP Blackman happily uses diversity loaded foot-soldiers at the doorsteps, he not only shows a lack of democratic sense to represent all his constituents but also uses sensitive international situations to generate political support from the selected communities by siding with the state of affairs concerned in an unbalanced way. Such a divisive process has no obvious considerations for its adverse impact on community relationships in Harrow, a very diverse borough.
Soon after demonstrating his anti Gaza position and the subsequent backlash, Mr Blackman showed similar disproportionate attitudes towards Kashmir – a place that is another legacy of the British Empire and a longstanding divide line between India and Pakistan relationships, needing a harmonious and sensitive approach to resolve the dispute.
Mr Blackman was a speaker at the Commons BacKBench Business debates on 11 Sep 2014 regarding the political and humanitarian situation in Kashmir.
No other MP speaker at the debate matched the toxicity of Mr Blackman whose performance has since been well acknowledged by the delighted right-wing BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) supporters and newspapers in India!
Liberal Democrat David Ward MP for Bradford East who started the debate said, “The consensus view, however, held by 75% of Azad Jammu Kashmir people and 82% of Jammu and Kashmir people, is that the dispute is important. They believe it to be a strong issue and they have little faith that politicians will sort it out. Bob Blackman (Harrow East MP) might well trust the politicians to sort things out, but the people of Jammu and Kashmir do not”.
In his concluding statement, Mr Ward said, “I was not happy with the criticism from Bob Blackman. It was strange criticism, because one of his arguments was that Kashmir is not our business…”.
It is very concerning that the Harrow East Conservative Association, usually moderate, nurtures such an extremist and divisive MP as Mr Blackman.
On the other hand, Harrow West also has a Tory prospective parliamentary candidate for 2015 but the constituency, with similar Indian background voters,  does not show any disproportionate attitudes towards any communities!
Kashmir divide line deepened by some vote thirsty opportunists in the UK – alarming!