Sour grapes!

Sad that Tory opposition shows no sense that they have failed to gain legitimate control of the Council, and also their leader fails to demonstrate that she accepts the will of the people who did not want Cllr Hall to be leader of the Council.
Instead of the above, there is a trail of sour grapes comments and actions by her and some of her little group of supporters – latest is to Call-In the recent cabinet decision to restore council chief executive post, deleted by the short-lived Tory administration last year.
The Call-In notice by Cllr Hall and her handful Tory faithful councillors, asks the Call-In Sub-Committee to challenge the cabinet decision on key ground of ‘inadequate consultation with stakeholders prior to the decision’.
While in October 2013 the Tory leader of the Council launched a consultation with stakeholders on proposals to delete the post of Chief Executive of the Council but did not include the councillors, essential stakeholders*, in the consultation that led to the controversial deletion of the post of chief executive.
This serious omission constituted ‘inadequate consultation with stakeholders prior to the decision’, key basis for the Tory call-in notice now – what a contradiction!
Very concerning that those calling-in on the basis of ‘inadequate consultation’ failed in seeking adequate consultation regarding the matter concerned themselves.
Not only this but by calling-in the sub-committee meeting (2/10/14) on such a thin ground is a waste of council resource and public money.
* A person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization –- councillors are persons and Harrow Council is an organisation!