Blackman investigated!

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has opened an investigation into the expenses claimed by MP for Harrow East Blackman.
Out of the total of £178,771.14 expenses, the MP had spent £149,054.13 on staffing, including the salary of £30,000-34,999.99 for his wife, the office manager of unknown formal qualification for the post.
Mr Blackman is well to do and owns six buy-to-let properties in Welwyn Garden City jointly with his wife.
There is a serious question about the cost effectiveness of the public money enjoyed by the MP, given the concerns that:

    • Mr Blackman shows a lack of democratic sense to represent the interests and wellbeing of all his constituents in a balanced way
    • The highly diverse Harrow East can’t afford divisive approaches like the use of sensitive international situations to generate political support from the selected communities by siding with them and their interests – for example, Blackman’s recent anti Gaza position and his disproportionate attitudes towards Kashmir – a place that is another legacy of the British Empire and a longstanding divide line between India and Pakistan relationships – Harrow East has substantial number of residents from both Indian and Pakistani backgrounds
    • While 274 MPs voted for the recent Common’s motion regarding Palestinian statehood, Mr Blackman was one of the 12 MPs who voted against the motion – out of all those voted against the motion, his constituency is most diverse with quite significant support for Palestinian statehood