How well your GP practice doing

Following the Ofsted success in evaluating and league-tabling the performance of the providers for children’s welfare, care and education, now some NHS providers are inspected and their performance being made public to set competition for ‘customers’ (patients).
Recent is the Intelligent Monitoring of GP practices by the Care Quality Commission – click for Harrow GP practices here or for national GP practices here.
To find out more about an individual practice click here.
Intelligent Monitoring isn’t a judgement on GPs but helps to anticipate, identify and respond more quickly to providers at risk of providing poor quality care.
A ‘risk’ or ‘elevated risk’ in Intelligent Monitoring does not necessarily mean that people using the practice are at risk. It is for inspections to determine whether GP practices are providing safe care and whether patients may be at risk. Band 1 represents the highest risk and Band 6 the lowest risk.
Comparing with some neighbouring boroughs (like Barnet, Brent or Ealing), Harrow has more GP practices in Band 1 risk. This is concerning.