Petition against Hall exceeds 500 mark

The lead petitioner Leigh Pickett informs that the petition asking the LFEPA (London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority) and Harrow Council to hold Councillor Hall accountable for the offensive and inexcusable comments made on Twitter (below) about Gemma Collins during her appearance on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, has now passed the 500 signature mark.
Councillor Hall is bound by at least two codes of conduct in her professional capacities; one for Harrow Council the other for the LFEPA.
Official complaints have now been submitted to both the LFEPA and Harrow Council with recommendations that Councillor Hall is sacked for significantly breaching the Codes of Conducts to which she should be adhering.
Following our article, we reported Cllr Hall to the Standards (Harrow Council monitoring officer and Fire Authority monitoring officer) under the provisions of the code of conduct.
Also 150 Harrow council employees in UNISON union petitions have demanded Cllr Hall’s resignation over her “offensive and inexcusable Tweets”, and have called upon the monitoring officer “to take this matter forward in order to avoid Harrow Council and its staff facing any further reputational damage which has the real potential to impact on all staff representing Harrow Council”.
Nothing new about Cllr Hall being disrespectful or unprofessional – for example, sometime back, the Harrow Council Standards suggested: “Councillor Hall may benefit from training in media and interpersonal training and training in holding voluntary groups and public bodies to account” Decision Notice gov 008-039/ 442202”.
And, during an industrial action by the Fire Brigades Union, Cllr Hall, a member of London’s fire authority, said the union was taking the capital back to “the dark days of Arthur Scargill””.