‘Tory sacking comes back to bite them’

In response to a Tory councillor letter ‘Does Harrow need a chief executive’, Harrow Observer has published our letter ‘Tory sacking comes back to bite them’ (5/12/14) which articulates that the councillor’s letter simply shows the frustration about the return of the chief executive’s post, mostly felt by the leader of his group.
Good that popular council chief executive Michael Lockwood, forced out by the short-lived Cllr Hall administration, has been re-appointed, but of course bad for the opposition leader Ms Hall who now has to work with the same Mr Lockwood.
Not only this embarrassment but also another defeat for the opposition leader who has been repeatedly leading her Conservative group to defeats (Councils in 2010 & 2014 – five sitting Tory councillors were defeated – and 2 by-elections in 2013).
Regarding the consultation about the CEO position, such was the level of consultation and consideration by Cllr Hall when she abolished the post that the councillors, including many in her group, learnt about her decision indirectly.
In separate moves, councillor Hall is under increased pressure to step down because of her disrespectful tweets that have resulted in petitions against her behaviour and Standards complaints!