How well your GP practice doing – update

We reported about the Intelligent Monitoring of GP practices by the Care Quality Commission where the inspecting and rating NHS GP practices help to anticipate, identify and respond more quickly to providers at risk of providing poor quality care – Band1 represents the highest risk and Band6 the lowest risk.
Click here for Harrow GP practices or here for GP practices in your area – click here to find out more about an individual practice.
There are further opportunities to know more about a GP practice and how it intends to improve its services (some practices encourage patient participation as part of their process to improve provisions):
In responding to our inquiry, Professor Nigel Sparrow of the Care Quality Commission has informed that “we do expect individual GP practices to respond to areas of concern that we have identified and to make the recommended improvements” and “We also encourage CCGs (Clinical commissioning groups), NHS England Area Teams and individual practices to publish their action plans on their own website”.
Therefore, it would be appropriate to ask the local CCG and GP practices to make public their action plan, following an inspection (MPs/ MEPs/ councillors, please ask your council to encourage this).
In Harrow, click here to access your GP practice website (would be quite revealing to see the huge difference in the quantity and quality of the information provided).
It would also be appropriate to ask the practice for its total funding per patient against the patient satisfaction score (Harrow has very interesting situation where some higher funding per patient has much lower satisfaction rating compared with moderate funding but higher satisfaction score).