Hall missing from Blackman campaigns

Worrying to hear that the Conservative opposition group leader Councillor Hall has been conspicuously missing from the Conservative campaigns and fundraising events in the Harrow East constituency.
Given such relationships with his group on the council, can Mr Blackman effectively serve his constituents, especially as many resident issues relate to the work of the council. But then the political suitability and effectiveness of Mr Blackman, sitting MP and MP candidate for Harrow East, has been a matter of concern for long.
A recently released public opinion snapshot shows a five per cent drop in Harrow East Conservative popularity since 2010, narrowing the gap between them and the Labour to only three per cent.
Now he has not only been investigated about his claimed expenses, but he comes out as extremist and divisive in that he shows a lack of democratic sense to represent all his constituents and uses sensitive international situations to generate political support from the selected communities by siding with them in an unbalanced way.