Hall using bins for point scoring

In circulation petition to drop plans for £75 Brown Bin Charge appears to be less impressive as it has been heavily signed by Tories, including by the party members, the leader of the Harrow opposition Cllr Hall, chairman of the Harrow East Conservative Association as well as past and present Tory councillors.
Harrow Council proposes to charge £75 a year for the collection of the brown waste bins as it has to save £25million this year, as a part of the £75million of savings over the next four years because of the government cuts.
As usual there is no sign of a shadow budget by Councillor Hall to suggest how the required savings could be made – such is the quality of her council budgeting that when she presented her budget during her short lived council administration, it was heavily defeated.
Furthermore, her group has shown no apparent interest in demanding appropriate government funding for the borough – so much so that the Tories were nowhere near the recent Harrow protest against cuts and austerity measures.
While we expect the council to reconsider the proposed bin collection charges, we deplore such point scoring by the Tory group on the council.