NHS England adequately transparent?

We have been sent the following snap shot of the notice regarding a GP surgery and have heard concerns about the NHS follow up actions!
We don’t know the full circumstances of this GP practice but Dr Paramjit Wasu surgery was in a lowest risk band (Band 6) as recently assessed by the Care Quality Commission and it enjoyed £311,364 total funding, including £22,617 cost for the premises.
Seemingly NHSE has agreed for the WASU Medical Centre patients to be seen at the Ridgway surgery – we don’t know who contacted who for this arrangement but have become aware of the concerns about the inadequacy of information to the practices, including the surrounding practices.
Previously we have raised concerns regarding the following Harrow specific NHS matters:
    • that a Barnet GP practice based in Hendon has been given funding to provide NHS health checks, seemingly without exploring similar providers in Harrow- Public Health is a joint service which delivers a range of services across Barnet and Harrow
    • about the conflict of interests in commissioning certain services as some on the commissioning board are also providers – the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is likely to use Prime Ministers Challenge Fund to re-establish a 7 days a week 8 am to 8pm walk-in primary care service at Alexandra Avenue clinic as well as at the Pinn Medical Centre and the new to-be hub in East Harrow