Why – explain NHS England!

While we are trying to understand the quality of transparency in the organisational and outsourcing work of the NHS and its agencies, and waiting response to our previous findings/questions*, following is a further puzzle:
As Alexandra Avenue clinic in Harrow is bleeding in the sense that Harrow has committed huge sum (nearly a million pounds a year?) of rent and there is plenty of vacant space at Alex, why Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) rents private space at Pinn Medical Centre (Pinner) whose senior partner is the current chair of Harrow CCG?
On 30 January 2015 we were alerted about and we reported on the closure of the Wasu Medical Centre in Rayners Lane to the public as soon as seizure of the premises by official receiver was announced.
Probably NHSE knew that there is a problem brewing at the practice for sometime but they left the things to the last minute. Their chaotic action to direct patients to certain clinics has caused unhappiness in the South Harrow cluster GPs and patients -– this is concerning.
We glean bitterness and concerns amongst local patients and some GPs about very poor communication with them and the way patients of the Wasu practice have been managed and directed to certain surgeries.
We would like the NHS England (NHSE), Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Care Quality Commission (CQC) to come clean and explain:
    • Didn’t you know that a problem was brewing at the Wasu Medical Centre for sometime – probably Dr Wasu was declared insolvent through the court proceedings which takes good time?
    • Why did you close the centre so abruptly while in the past common sense has prevailed under such circumstances?
    • Is it true or not that patients were seemingly given tacit direction to go and register at the Alex clinic which is part of Ridgeway surgery where a partner at the practice is also a CCG member?
Previously we have raised concerns regarding the following Harrow specific NHS matters:
    • that a Barnet GP practice based in Hendon has been given funding to provide NHS health checks, seemingly without exploring similar providers in Harrow- Public Health is a joint service which delivers a range of services across Barnet and Harrow
    • about the conflict of interests in commissioning certain services as some on the commissioning board are also providers – the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is likely to use Prime Ministers Challenge Fund to re-establish a 7 days a week 8 am to 8pm walk-in primary care service at Alexandra Avenue clinic as well as at the Pinn Medical Centre and the new to-be hub in East Harrow