Political deception!

It would be naive to expect reasonable political honesty before the fast approaching general election. However, there are limits to what Harrow MP candidates could wrongly assert or claim.
In his electronic newsletter, Harrow East Tory MP candidate Mr Blackman implies that any funding coming to Harrow projects from the government’s pre-allocated funds for hospitals and schools is somehow his doing as an MP. While Hannah David, his fellow Tory candidate for Harrow West, tries to impress by her apparent support from the visiting prime minister and London mayor through her recent glossy ‘My Plan’ leaflet.
Also, Ms David wrongly claims that Wealdstone has been re-designated as an Opportunity Area in the revised London Plan because of her lobbying! Wealdstone, a most deprived ward in Harrow East constituency that was first designated as an Intensification Area well before 2010 when Ms David was nowhere near Harrow, meets the criteria for re-designation anyway.
Both have failed to focus on some of the key local concerns, including:
  • the Tory made cost of living crisis where bills are rising faster than wages e.g. residents squeezed by soaring energy bills
  • just under half (48.9%) of jobs in Harrow West alone pay less than the London Living Wage
  • the level of cuts already seen to the police, with 109 uniformed police lost in Harrow since April 2010
  • Harrow health profile
  • more GP practices in Harrow are in the Care Quality Commission high risk bands than in the neighbouring boroughs
  • following the closures of the nearby A&E departments, the pressure on the A&E department at Northwick Park Hospital has been alarmingly increasing