Faith and politics don’t mix?

In the vote grabbing moves, faith and politics do mix well!
Addendum: After her almost daily statements regarding Muslim ‘radicalism’/ ‘extremism’, symptomatic of Islamofobia, now the Home Secretary, PM-hopeful, publicises that attacks on Muslims will become specific hate crime!
Back in Harrow, some Harrow MP candidates are trying to impress certain faith groups in a variety of ways, for example:
Bob Blackman, struggling for Harrow East
In calculating his votes, Mr Blackman has sought endorsements from interesting Hindu priest Parmar and Jewish Rabbi Lew, in his recent leaflet.
Soon after demonstrating his anti Gaza position and the subsequent backlash, Mr Blackman showed similar one-sided attitudes towards Kashmir.
Israel: “I voted against the state of Palestine”.*
Jammu & Kashmir: “The Hindu Pandits were forced out in a process of ethnic cleansing … I stand as an unabashed friend of India to defend India’s position in the conflict”.
Uma Kumaran, Harrow East
Israel: “Settlements are wrong and illegal … I am proud to be for a Palestinian state”.*
Islamophobia: “I am committed to review legislation to ensure racial and religious hatred are on an equal footing”.*
Education: “I support faith schools in Stanmore”.*
Gareth Thomas, Harrow West
Palestine: “I believe that Palestinian statehood is not a gift to be given but a right to be recognised”.
Israel: Mr Thomas managed to have a sort of acknowledgement by the Jewish Chronicle, “Mr Thomas, Labour’s Shadow Middle East Minister, says he is well aware of the concerns of Jewish voters in the area”.
What we need are the MPs who are not divisive or extremists and don’t stir up residents emotions but could really represent the welfare and interests of all their constituents in a most balanced way!
* leaflet from a muslim forum of Middlesex, distributed at the mosques