Manoeuvring 5-points turning!

We feel sorry for some Harrow MP candidates who do a five-points turning and hit the curb frequently – a local newspapers asked them to give five reasons for their candidacy!
Uma Kumaran (Harrow East, Lab), Chris Noyce (Harrow West, Lib) and Gareth Thomas (Harrow West, Lab) are all Harrow grown candidates who also live in Harrow.
They claim they know Harrow and local issues very well – most likely they do, especially Chris Noyce and Gareth Thomas who have long experience of being a Harrow councillor. Uma Kumaran, not a councillor, is well known to have ample social interaction with the Harrow communities.
Hannah David (Harrow West, Con), not from Harrow, claims she knows Harrow problems and feels to do something about it. For example, that ‘Harrow has a real problem with litter and fly-tipping’ and boosts about her ‘Rubbish Friends campaign’ – sort of council related matters that her Tory group on the council should be dealing with – is she fighting for a parliament or a Harrow council seat?
Bob Blackman (Harrow East, Con) claims ‘I’ve lived in our area for more than fifty years and in that time I’ve been a local councillor’. Well, he lives in Brent where he was a councillor. Such is his geographical knowledge of Harrow that the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has found him guilty of making more than 700 inaccurate mileage claims for travels within his constituency for his so called ‘street surgeries’ and ‘community events’.
His councillorship in Brent: under his leadership of the Conservative group at the Brent council, the number of the Tory councillors went down from 31 in 1990 to 15 in 2006 and 6 in 2010, seemingly due to the unpleasantness within the Tory ranks – a situation similar to Harrow under Cllr Hall’s leadership.
Both Uma Kumaran and Gareth Thomas sharply identify the pressure on Northwick Park that has been alarmingly growing, particularly waiting times at A&E, with a firm commitment to do something about it. Chris Noyce wishes to correct decades of underfunding for mental health treatments.
Hannah David is silent about local NHS problems and Bob Blackman cleverly implies that any funding coming to Harrow projects from the government’s pre-allocated funds for hospitals and schools is somehow his doing as an MP.
Both Bob Blackman and Hannah David talk about an extension of Crossrail that will stop at Harrow & Wealdstone station without showing vision for any adverse affects of such a development.
Not being local, seemingly they don’t know the local history. Wealdstone has been an area of high police focus. Increased railways activity adjacent to the Harrow Town Centre has attracted more outside criminal elements because of easy access. Their wish for the Crossrail and Hannah David’s concern about crime, look unreal in the absence of any mention of the level of cuts seen to the police, with 109 uniformed police lost in Harrow since April 2010.
On the other hand, Gareth Thomas says that he will continue to campaign for a safer community with increased police numbers to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime. While Hannah David boosts Boris Johnson has backed her campaign and has millions of pounds worth of funding available, Bob Blackman says that he has been fighting for desperately needed lifts at local stations – why Boris Johnson who could find millions of pounds for Hannah David has not obliged Mr Blackman? References to the London Mayor look unreal.
Alarming that the political template of these candidates has no space for enhancing and preserving Harrow’s heritage, including its landmarks, landscapes and parks!
Green party candidates seem to be more focussed!