Can they really represent you?

On times, voting because of what a candidate stands for is more important than the party votes where the candidate has serious shortcomings. Insecure, devious and divisive representatives use cheap tactics to gain votes and are only to benefit themselves. They can let down anyone at any time.
Mr Blackman (Con, Harrow East)
    • He shows a lack of democratic sense to respect all residents; he uses sensitive international situations to generate political support from the selected communities by siding with them in an unbalanced way
    • Having calculated his Harrow East votes and behaving accordingly, he won an endorsement from an interesting Hindu priest Parmar and a Jewish Rabbi Lew
    • The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) found him guilty of making more than 700 inaccurate mileage claims for travels within his constituency
    • While leading crusade to safeguard traditional marriage, Mr Blackman hit the headline that he ‘had 11-year affair behind his wife’s back’
    • He stands with his party that will scrap the Human Rights Act
    • He implies that any funding coming to Harrow projects from the government’s pre-allocated funds for hospitals and schools was somehow his doing as an MP
    • Under his leadership of the Conservative group at the Brent council, the number of the Tory councillors went down from 31 in 1990 to 15 in 2006 and 6 in 2010, seemingly due to the unpleasantness within the Tory ranks – a situation similar to Harrow under Cllr Hall’s leadership.
    • Regarding his place in his own party, Mr Blackman narrowly survived de-selection attempt as reported by the ‘Conservativehome’ on 10 June 2008.

Ms David (Con, Harrow West)

  • She shows lack of self confidence and relies more on who supports her from her party’s hierarchy like prime minister, London mayor and the party chairman
  • She claims to be a business champion and campaigner for Crossrail extension to Harrow without any thoughts about any adverse impacts of such a development – hardly any direct commitment to address deprivation in the constituency areas like South Harrow which is among some of the most deprived areas in the country – her visiting friends have been equally silent!
  • The listed local people backing Ms David in Harrow West that has pockets of deprivation, are mostly business owners and companies like Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage
    Scaremongering: in line with her party’s distortion tactics, Ms David in a personal letter to the selected residents says, ”Ed Miliband can only become Prime Minister with the support of the SNP”. And then she pleads for votes to her party so that there will be no need for backroom deals after the election, as there is nothing wrong with the practice of ‘backroom’ deal if needed – did LD held her party leadership to ransom? Ms David is obviously very confused!