‘Divide & rule’ has its moments!

So Mr Blackman managed to retain his Harrow East seat not necessarily because of his ability as a MP but because of some local factors:

  • In deciding female only Harrow East seat, Labour helped to keep Mr Blackman in place by implications
  • Mr Blackman is known to use sensitive international situations to generate political support from the selected communities by siding with them in an unbalanced way – therefore no surprise that he won an endorsement from an interesting Hindu priest Parmar and a Jewish Rabbi Lew
  • His extensive visits to certain places of worship seemingly paid off

{credit goes to the Hindu Council UK for honestly informing, “we understand that the National Council of Hindu Temples UK is being investigated over an open letter endorsing the Conservative Party …. we have also read on social media that apparently other leading Hindu organisations have come out against the Labour Party and urging their members to vote for the Conservative Party alone””}

  • a leaflet distributed by Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha, an organisation which aims to connect the Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities, encouraged people not to vote for the Harrow East Labour candidate and recommended the Tory candidate because Labour supported in 2013 for laws to outlaw caste discrimination
  • asked if he would disassociate himself from the comments in the leaflet, he said: “You should see some of the leaflets going out about me by Muslim organisations” –  good tactics: sense of a victim, mobilised support from others
In contrast to all this, decent Tory candidate for Harrow West Hannah David, in her practice-run for the Commons, was less divisive. She only towed the party line by scaring that Scotland might rule England and that the Labour’s left-wing leader might bring back pre-Blair era.
We deplore the dynamics of ‘divide & rule’ as well as the manipulation of any communities for political gains.