Harrow Mayoralty, dream for some!

Today Harrow council has elected a charming mayor, Cllr Krishna Suresh, a Sri Lankan – Tory councillors abstained from vote!
Like many other town halls, Harrow civic centre brightens up once a year when fresh looking councillors in their best cloths come together in a ceremonial annual council meeting to elect a mayor and appoint a deputy mayor.
But this civic event is not always cheerful when some who have been a deputy mayor do not succeed to become the mayor.
In 2005, a Hatch End Tory councillor was appointed deputy mayor with the prospect of becoming a mayor in 2006.
However, she, a nice lady, unpleasantly lost to a fellow Tory who got selected to stand for the 2006 council election.
Tory won the council in 2006 but of course that nice lady, not being a councillor, lost the chance to become a mayor.
Councillor Hall became the Hatch End councillor instead who eventually brought what many consider, bad luck* to the Tory group on the council.
A senior Tory councillor was appointed deputy mayor under Tory administration in 2009 but he could not progress to become a mayor in 2010 because the Tory group under Councillor Hall’s leadership lost the council.
Another long serving Tory councillor was appointed deputy mayor during councillor Hall’s short lived council administration* before 2014 council election – she could not become a mayor because once again the Tory group was defeated under councillor Hall’s leadership.

  • Councillor Hall could only lead her Conservative group to set a pattern of defeats (Councils in 2010 & 2014 as well as two by-elections in 2013 – five sitting Tory councillors were defeated in 2014
  • In mid-2013, a breakaway Independent Labour Group snatched the council administration from Labour with the support of the Tory group leadership
  • Few months later, the Tory group grabbed the council administration with the support of the well groomed Independent Labour Group who voted in the Tory group leader Cllr Hall as the leader of the council through a highly controversial process, creating a political mess i.e. a hung council in late 2013 where both the Labour and Tory groups had 25 councillors each, resulting in a short-lived Tory minority administration with the support of 8 ILG councillors
  • The Labour administration returned in May 2014