London Mayor hopeful

Speaking at the Commons on 27 May, London Mayor hopeful Gareth Thomas, MP Harrow West, reminded, “London did not vote for cuts—to our police, our schools or the services our councils provide—on the scale that is set to befall our great city”.
“Londoners need to be able to lead London’s future”, he said.
Considering the
diversity in London –- 44.9% White British and 36.7% Asian and Black – what Mr Thomas has not said is that all Londoners should be enabled to decide London’s future to avoid the concerning socio-political situations that have different implications for different groups of Londoners.
For example, there is a London plan in the form of the Mayor of London’s Spatial Development Strategy, but in truth, there hasn’t been a proper London plan for some time.
Therefore, no surprise that while London has economic dominance, it has some of the highest levels of poverty in England, particularly child poverty where 4-10 children live in poverty which is 12% above the national average.
More than half the boroughs in London have over the England average for pupils registered for free schools meals, a deprivation indicator, and it is not uncommon for boroughs to have double the national rate.
London is home to the greatest concentration of poverty in Western Europe. At least two of its boroughs – Hackney and Tower Hamlets – are among the ten most deprived in England.
If London belongs to Londoners, then it has to be for the benefit of its population and not as a powerbase that makes people feel remote from the decisions that affect their lives, as the Chancellor has recently articulated and which he said “is not good for our prosperity or our democracy”.
Given such feelings, perhaps Mr Thomas could consider why not move parliament somewhere more affordable, to a place where MPs won’t need huge housing allowances to be able to live and work while distancing their lives from those of their constituents?
Hope Mr Thomas would have a meaningful agenda, more than a vision, to address the needs of a real London.