Harrow library closures in national context

Politically Harrow is much quieter expect for the ‘library closures’!
In going for a political kill, Harrow East MP has said nothing about his government’s doings that are responsible for the library crisis in the country. Wonder when Mr Blackman MP used a library last!
“Government is hiding behind the patchwork nature of local government spending cuts, which is covering the true extent of library closures,” said library campaigner Desmond Clarke. “The problem is much bigger and more widespread than the picture at an individual local level suggests.”
Library services are on the brink of disaster and can only be saved if they become more like coffee shops with wi-fi, sofas and hot drinks, according to the Independent Library Report for England, which was commissioned by the Government – – could the council budgets allow these facilities?
A combination of funding cuts and declining attendance threatens the viability of the library network unless urgent action is taken, says the report.
There are 4,145 libraries in the UK, according to Public Library News, down from 4,622 a decade ago. At least 324 libraries have closed since 2011, and about 400 are now run by volunteers.
Moves to hand over library administration to volunteer groups have met with success in some areas but, while Arts Council England has expressed a desire to provide a single point for help and advice for those wanting to run libraries, it has yet to unveil any concrete plan – the Chancellor has not spared the arts council. Therefore, in some cases book loans from libraries taken over by volunteers has halved.
Library campaigners claimed last year that more than 1,000 libraries could be closed by 2016.