Harrow Council Corporate Plan reads well but …!

Like many previous plans, Harrow Council Corporate Plan 2014-15 reads well though its effective implementation in real terms seems less secure because:
Priorities: although the priorities are well defined but the means to achieve these (20 statements) are too many, most are long term processes and can hardly deliver the outcomes like safeguarding vulnerable adults and children in the life of one council as has been the case for the past many years where Harrow has been struggling for prompt, efficient and effective procedures to assess and address special or specific needs, including narrowing the gap in children’s learning.
Community & families: ‘community engagement’ is also a long-term process and essentially needs public confidence gained through the ethos of valuing and treating residents as customers with more and better means to inform/ be informed – for example, a user-friendly website and caring/respectful attitudes from those assessing needs, benefits and entitlements.
Councillors: the plan says that councillors should be ‘leaders in their local community, acting to deliver those things that make a big difference to communities’ -– don’t know what this actully means!
Political parties councillor candidate selection process, political group Whip and the council decisions really being made at the group meetings as well as a highly manipulative ‘cabinet system’ of governance, are not the recipe to develop effective leadership in the councillors or enable them not to tow the party political lines.
Businesses: the two bullet points give little sense of encouraging, promoting and supporting a wider range of businesses – a close study of the Brent’s commercial/ shopping structures could indicate how big, medium and small businesses are successfully catered for.

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