Tory group lacks appreciation!

It appears to be a norm for the Conservative group to rubbish plans for major developments in Harrow.
This time they make a mountain out of a molehill regarding the planning permission for 51 College Road, Harrow.
Bit worrying that the handsomely paid Conservative planning spokesman could only quote from what others have said rather than coming out with convincing arguments of his own.
Also concerning is his grip on the Harrow’s Core Strategy and the Area Action Plan which allow opportunity for housing and employment growth and provide the contemporary policy framework for the consideration of tall building proposals.
Furthermore, there is no established fact that the plans endanger the primacy of St Mary’s landmark.
Unfortunate that because of its internal dynamics, the Conservative group has not nominated its planning expert for the planning since her return to the council and therefore Harrow can’t benefit from her expertise!

In the interest of Harrow, the group should appreciate that an eye soar that has not been contributing to the local life for years, is now all set to provide much needed 318 homes, including affordable housing, and a variety of community resources.