Healthy Labour leadership is important

The popularity of Jeremy Corbyn campaign for Labour leadership has reached Harrow, demonstrated by the Labour councillors supported canvassing activity at the Harrow Town Centre last Saturday (25 July)!
A campaigning socialist, the Islington North MP is leading the leadership poll which has troubled the New Labour gurus like Tony Blair and his followers like the Harrow West Labour MP who is now supporting Mr Corbyn’s rival Liz Kendall who is seen as a Blairite contender and has said Labour should not have voted for Britain to recognise the Palestinian state.
Many Harrow Labours have retained the socialist flavour which is missing from the Labour Party that has gradually lost its ideological position.
Mr Corbyn states that he stands for:

  • An end to austerity now
  • No trident nuclear weapons
  • Freedom for Palestine
  • Fighting injustice worldwide
  • Standing up for equality, peace and solidarity

Anyone who supports these policies or believes in robust opposition to the government’s devastating socio-economic and welfare measures, can register (before 12 August) to vote for Jeremy as Labour leader – click here to register.
In a healthy democracy to improve the quality of life, the quality of both the government and opposition leaderships is very significant.