Care Leavers exposed to the risk of homelessness!

Thousands of youngsters who have fled unstable backgrounds and abuse could be forced into homelessness as the government plans to strip unemployed 18-21 year olds of housing benefits, warns the Youth charity YMCA in its recent research report ‘Uncertain Futures’.
The government announced the policy shift during Chancellor George Osborne’s emergency budget, as part of its strategy for tackling youth joblessness and dependency on welfare.
This government move that exposes youngsters to the risk of homelessness has implications for Harrow as the percentage of Care Leavers in Harrow is almost equal to the England average, for example.
For many 18-21 year olds, housing benefit is not a lifestyle choice. It is something that has come out of circumstances and events that have impacted on their lives and which have meant they have nowhere to go.
Hope Harrow corporate parents have protection plan for the Care Leavers, a vulnerable group of young adults who have particular needs in relation to housing.