Hall’s ‘previous administration’!

Availing the golden opportunity to comment on the anti-social behaviours such as spitting, Conservative opposition leader Councillor Hall has referred to “our previous administration”.
Would be interesting to recall the nature and quality of that short-lived Tory ‘administration’ – a fluke!
Like misjudging her support at the council and bringing her budget to the council during her ‘administration’ and got it defeated, Cllr Hall failed to sense that Harrow residents have no desire for her elected-mayor style council administration.
Therefore, Cllr Hall could only lead her group to defeat in May 2014, despite top notch Tory party support, setting a pattern of defeats (Councils in 2010 & 2014 – five sitting Tory councillors were defeated – and 2 by-elections in 2013).
Another blow for Cllr Hall is the return of the popular council chief executive Michael Lockwood, forced out by the short-lived Cllr Hall administration, which is not only an embarrassment for Cllr Hall but also that she has to work with the same chief executive!
Councillor Hall did not only loss the ‘administration’ but also the grip on her group that is now rightly looking for a leadership change.