Chief executive is good investment

ML2We glean high appreciation for the return of the chief executive post and the post-holder, even by the junior council staff.
After the Labour regained the council last year, they restored the chief executive post that was “unilaterally and wrongly” deleted by the short-lived Councillor Hall’s administration (Tory), forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.
The feedback is that the hardworking and accessible Mr Lockwood is thoughtfully bringing about the necessary changes to improve the work of the council. This staff confidence is further affirmed by the positive comments on the proposed senior management restructure that has now been agreed by the Cabinet.
“The values contained within the consultation pack are probably the most important aspect of the changes required” said the local Unison, for example.
Mr Lockwood was asked to review the council’s senior management structure on his return and propose changes to enable the organisation to better meet the significant challenges faced whilst also maximising the opportunities that are available to the council.
The new management structure (SMT Structure) helpfully re-aligns responsibilities for more efficient and effective services, reducing the corporate directors from five to three, and directors/head of services from nineteen to fifteen, saving £4 million over four years. The restructuring cost at the moment will be a one off £100,000 for redundancy.
In view of its significance, the areas of Regeneration and Planning will report to the chief executive – the regeneration includes relocating to a new civic centre and learning from places like Brent (as we suggested under ‘businesses’).
Posts deleted include the corporate director, environment & enterprise and we understand the present post holder is leaving.
We support the new SMT structure of the council and hope its improved working arrangements have inbuilt and measurable quality assurance standards at all levels.