Choking on sour grapes!

The leader of the opposition Tory group is seemingly trying to discredit the council’s restructuring of its senior management structure which is to make the services more efficient and effective.
SH D2In an open letter to the leader of the council, Cllr Hall whinges about the shadow members of her group not being able to attend an interview to recruit the corporate director community because the date does not suit them!
Odd that none of Cllr Hall’s shadow colleagues could reorganise their diaries for an interview which their leader describes as very important.
Then Cllr Hall playfully draws a parallel between this recruitment process and that to reappoint the chief executive who was forced out by her elected-mayor style short-lived administration in the recent past.
She has described the chief executive’s reappointment as “controversial” and the process as “farcical”. One can sense personalisation here.
ML2The chief executive was asked to review the council’s senior management structure on his return and propose changes to enable the organisation to better meet the significant challenges faced whilst also maximising the opportunities that are available to the council. Mr Lockwood is leading the restructuring but then that needs not to be the reason for the Tory leadership’s non-cooperation.
We sought clarification from the Tory group whether they are supporting the council’s senior management restructuring as approved by the June cabinet.
They refused to comment.
Considering the importance of the quality of both the administration and opposition in running the council for the benefit of the residents, it is very concerning that the opposition seems to be less interested in positively engaging and more in scoring political points all the time.