End of New Labour era?

Labd2Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan success indicates the end of New Labour/ Blair era that systematically damaged the Labour and social justice ideology over the years!
The popularity of Jeremy Corbyn campaign for Labour leadership, which troubled the New Labour gurus like Tony Blair and his followers like those in Harrow West, reached Harrow as demonstrated by a high profile canvassing activity organised by some Labour councillors at the Harrow Town Centre last July!
Uma b&w bUma Kumaran, Labour MP candidate for Harrow East at the last general election, actively supported Sadiq Khan’s campaign for the selection of the Labour candidate for the London Mayor election next year.
While Gareth Thomas, Labour MP for Harrow West, who also contended for the London Mayor candidacy, badly lost.
Conservatives Party is quick to rubbish the newly elected Labour leadership. Most probably they are missing someone like Liz Kendall, a Blairite, who said Labour should not have voted for Britain to recognise the Palestinian state.