A Council motion that could be argued well

PFA motion before the next Council highlights how the government welfare cuts ‘will detrimentally affect Harrow’s residents’ (Harrow Council for Justice and Harrow Monitoring Group focussed on some of this months ago). Summary:

  • Making 18 – 21 year olds exempt from housing benefit will further hit young people who are struggling to get on the housing ladder.
  • The cut to Employment & Support Allowance will penalise people with disabilities who require more resources to remain in good condition.
  • Cuts will push more and more people in to severe poverty, rent arrears and homelessness.
  • Benefit cap at £23,000 will force families out of Harrow and London, putting more pressure on children and families.
  • Limiting certain benefits to families with a maximum of two children has put some vulnerable families in a terrible place.
  • The new national ‘living wage’ is solely an increase to the minimum wage, and falls below the actual living wage, which in London is £9.15.

All this is fine but what really interests is the next part of the motion that says ‘the Council will monitor the impacts of these welfare cuts on our residents’.
SSPerhaps in arguing for the motion in the interest of the residents, the councillors (photos), bringing the motion to the meeting, could describe how exactly the complex long term and short term impacts could be effectively evaluated, monitored and addressed, rather than describing the cuts and their implications which are public knowledge anyway, including ‘Harrow protest against cuts and austerity measures’.

We share the recognition of long service by Councillors Bath and Noyce – well done both!