Why Cllr Ashton is not on the planning committee?

Interesting that the twenty six Tory opposition councillors are almost visibly invisible as far as the Harrow council work is concerned, while enjoying the councillor’s allowance.
MA4Occasionally Cllr Marilyn Ashton leads the way to come out of such a state of rigor mortis by noteworthy and planning specific letters in a local newspaper, showing her authority on the subject.
Cllr Ashton, a planning expert, was responsible for planning in the pre2010 Tory administration, elected by the voters.
Very strange that such a capable councillor has not been placed on the planning committee by the Tory group leader since Ms Ashton’s return to the council in 2011 in the Stanmore by-election that was called due to the resignation of a Tory councillor unhappy under Cllr Hall’s leadership.
Many feel that Harrow has been deprived of the Cllr Ashton’s planning expertise because of the acrimonious relationship of the Tory group leadership which became obvious when Ms Ashton decided to come back to the council in 2011.
SH D3The Tory group refused to comment why Cllr Ashton has not been placed on the planning committee to enrich the planning decisions and has been reduced to the position of a letter-writer!
Councillor Hall’s record of political leadership has been poor as it has set a pattern of defeats – Councils in 2010 and in 2014 where five sitting Tory councillors were defeated – and 2 Harrow West by-elections in 2013.
Cllr Hall’s short-lived administration, a fluke, further damaged Tory credibility in Harrow.