So they have arrived!

IMG_4769dThe council chose to rollout the Straight’s 7 litre kitchen caddy and kerbside caddy (food waste bin) to Harrow properties.
Residents use their kitchen caddy to collect food waste in the kitchen and transfer collected waste into their outside kerbside caddy, collected every week.
Cllr Henson, responsible for environment, said that everyone in the household can play their part in the new waste disposal practices.
One of the concerns about the kerbside caddy is its size which might not be adequate in all cases.
Not knowing on what basis this size has been worked out, we contacted the manufacturer Straight Ltd, part of the thriving OnePlastics Group.
Straight has carried out a case study re Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, but Stockport has a very different population profile and lower average house hold size – a declining 2.35 – than Harrow.
The average household size in very diverse Harrow is 2.81, and in many wards above 3.00, which effects the quantity of the food waste generated, more so because of the food specific socio-cultural variations and cooking and eating practices.
The other concern in about the kitchen caddy bin liners. Although the use of a liner is not a must but the fact that council insists “please only use ones approved for use by Harrow Council” and encourages to buy these through the council, seems like an anti-competitive practice that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) discourages.
The council approved liners are £2.50 for 50 but much cheaper elsewhere.