Council not testing the market for senior management appointments

While the corporate director community post was advertised internally and externally and an external candidate has been appointed, the corporate director people post has been advertised only internally with a predictable outcome.
As expected, an internal candidate has applied for the £135,000 fixed term corporate director people post – most probably the interim corporate director people in this post since 1 October 2015 as he decided to stay on when the corporate director, children and families post was deleted due to the restructuring of senior management.
His appointment is all set to be ratified by the Chief Officer’s Employment Panel that approved the internal advertisement in the first place, seemingly aware of the expression of interest.
LBHBy not testing the market for the senior positions in the new management structure, the council has badly missed an opportunity to redress the absence of the borough’s diversity at the second and top tiers of the management, a long-standing concern. Such practices perpetuate inequalities.
Last year, the ex-police commander who was hired by the council to investigate the possibility of the racism within the institution of the Harrow council, made recommendations to the council ‘to build on employee relations and to meet the council’s goal of having a workforce representative of the Harrow community’.
The investigation found a ‘clear disproportion in staffing numbers at middle and senior grades in the council’.
‘There are no Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) officers at director level at the council and only 11 per cent at service manager level’, informed the investigation report.
He also recommended the council reviews existing senior appointments panel process in terms of recruitment, develop comprehensive leadership and mentoring programme for BAME staff and relaunch BAME workers group for council staff.