£65 trap!

Junction2Ambiguous traffic signs about restricted right turn at the junction of Gayton Road and Station Road, Harrow set in confusion.
Any vehicle, other than those permitted, seen contravening the regulation is recorded and subsequently served with a penalty charge notice (PCN) at a £65 charge which rises to £130 if not paid within 14 days. This location generates significant revenue for the council.
Such is the situation that one Harrow resident was issued five PCNs within a short period for innocently failing to comply with the prohibited right turn sign.
Although the signs for the restricted right turn are mounted, the right turn sign marked on the road, which is more readily noticed and followed by the drivers, is quite tempting and invites a right turn!
Not much point in drawing the drivers attention to the Highway Code since showing the combination of two opposing marking, i.e. ‘no right’ sign posted and ‘right turn’ on the road, is not an illustration in the Highway Code.
Moreover, the right turn marking on the filter lane is just the same as elsewhere. There is no indication on the right turn road marking of it being restricted to certain vehicles.
Road signsIt is common to mark speed limit and other warning signs on the road, why then this is not practised in this case?
Harrow council needs to address such an ambiguity and sympathetically consider any appeals against the PCNs issued for mistakenly taking a right turn at this junction under somewhat misguided circumstances.