Potential conflict of interest at the Harrow CCG?

Following the report ‘Shaky confidence in Harrow CCG transparency’, the under secretary of state for care quality Ben Gummer MP has noted concerns about a potential conflict of interest when awarding primary care services contracts by the CCGs.
Given the following information (mostly through the FoI process), a reassurance by the chair of the AmolHarrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is needed to promote public confidence that conflicts are well managed, and measures are in place to ensure transparency at the local level when making commissioning decisions.
The clinical directors on the CCG board (chair in £90-95K and others in £50-55K brackets) are responsible for leading the CCG’s business, making decisions on behalf of the CCG and contributing to or leading on addressing poor provider performance and service decommissioning. These pathways also enable delivering the CCG’s out of hospital strategy.
At least three clinical directors are from the practices that are shareholders of the services provider Harrow Health Limited, based at the Pinn Medical Centre. They are not only members of the Harrow CCG board, including its chair and vice-chair, but also the voting members at Harrow Health and Wellbeing Board, including its vice-chairman.
The CCG chair is the senior partner in the Pinn Medical Centre.
The Pinn Medical Centre provides walk-in primary care service seven days a week, and Alexandra Avenue, a part of Ridgeway surgery whose partner is involved with the Harrow Health Limited and is a member of the Harrow CCG, offers weekend walk-in service.
The performance of Harrow CCG clinical directors, including those involved with the Harrow Health, is appraised by the CCG chair who is a part of the Harrow Health as well.