Blackman tax credits drama!

David Cameron’s overreaction to the tax credits defeat in the Lords – promising a “rapid review” of the relationship between the Lords and the Commons – is a matter of concern for all democrats among us.
bb2But this is not likely the reason why the Harrow East MP Bob Blackman voted to support a backbench motion from Labour MP Frank Field which called for the Government to “reconsider the effect on the lowest paid workers of its proposed changes to tax credits”.
He must have known that the government was not going to oppose the motion as they remained abstained.
In situations like this, usually the party whip allows space for their vulnerable MPs to impress their voters by staging a drama of defying the whip.
And of course, the Brent & Harrow London Assembly and London Mayoral elections are next year!
Under the tax credit, the state tops up the wages of the low paid, giving them an incentive to stay in work.
It is not Mr Blackman’s doing but the work of the Lords that an estimated 3.2 million families will be spared the miserable pre-Christmas shock of losing more than £100 a month (on average) that the government had in store for them.