Mental health services ‘require improvement’

Tanya1Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust says it will deliver mental health services in line with Harrow Council’s vision as the services ‘require improvement’ (a concerning category).
Reporting to the Harrow Health and Wellbeing Board on 5 November, Tanya Paxton, Harrow Borough Director of CNWL informed that the trust will provide safe and integrated care within the borough and all Harrow residents will be able to access mental health services.
The Care Quality Commission inspection of CNWL early this year found the area of greatest concern related to safety and responsiveness on the acute wards for adults of working age which were rated as inadequate (very concerning category).
The inspection also found that the services responsive to people’s needs require improvement (lesser concerning category).
For example, the pressure on acute beds meant that wards were over-occupied and there was not always a bed for patients and they slept on sofas or a temporary bed was used.
The 14 points ‘Must Dos’ for Harrow teams, include:
• promote the privacy (phone calls) and dignity of patients
• reduce the number of times that patients are moved to other wards to sleep for non-clinical
   reasons, staff must ensure that a thorough handover takes place to promote continuity of care
   and patients must only be moved at reasonable times so that they are not adversely affected
• make sufficient staff available to work as care co-ordinators
‘Should Dos’ for Harrow teams include:
• reduce 5 week waiting times for patients to be assesses
• further training for staff to support patients with personality disorders