Tory opposition settling old scores

ML5Tory group leader Cllr Hall has used the Tax Payers’ Alliance list of the council managers whose remuneration exceeded £100,000 to defend why her “previous administration abolished the expensive Chief Executive role”.
After the Labour regained the council last year, they restored the chief executive post that was “unilaterally and wrongly” deleted by the short-lived Cllr Hall’s administration – a fluke, forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.
Many say that the deletion of the chief executive’s post was not for the financial reasons but seemingly because of the ‘Punch and Judy’ style leadership of the Tory group.
Such was the nature of the show that the members of the Tory group were seemingly instructed not to attend the chief executive’s leaving party in any noticeable numbers to demonstrate that the leaving chief executive is not popular and would not be missed.
andrew TThe other named officer on the list is the former corporate director of place shaping Andrew Trehern who remained on the Tory hate list seemingly because he had no appetite for some lead Tory councillors.
Both of these officers are known for their appreciation for the Harrow’s diverse community.
Cllr Hall seems to have wider unforgiveness: “we’ve noticed some senior officers have already been given new positions after their old ones were abolished” she said.
Chris Spencer, Harrow Interim Corporate Director, People whose previous post was deleted was the candidate who applied through the internal advertisement and has now been appointed as Corporate Director, People.