Tory opposition misusing councillors question time

The Tory opposition group on the Harrow council is not using the councillors question time at the cabinet meetings productively.
Fifteen minutes are allowed for members of the council to ask a portfolio holder a question on any matter in relation to which the Executive has powers or duties.
This established time limit allows a reasonable number of councillor questions to be answered at the meeting but lately there is an unnecessary increase in the number of questions by the opposition, some of which should have not been asked anyway as the information is already in the public domain.
In the October 2015 cabinet meeting, Tory councillors asked eleven questions, where only five could be answered at the meeting within the time limit.
Such was the nature of the questions, that one question by the deputy leader of the opposition (photo) was about the information regarding the tenants Right to Buy. The information is public and available on the Council’s website as well as via personal enquiry to the Leasehold Team.
BM2The number of the opposition questions reached to thirty five at the November cabinet meeting, twenty nine of which were asked by the deputy leader of the Tory group, seemingly in a show-off. Obviously only seven questions could be answered at the meeting.
One of the questions he asked was about the concessions being offered to residents under the new food and garden waste collection regime. The information is in public domain .
In the public interest, they should not waste the council time in scoring political points in public.