Barnet development most alarming for Harrow

A Barnet Council’s regeneration project which the Barnet and Camden London Assembly member Andrew Dismore described as “disappointing”, “unimaginative” and “a multi story car park” design, has remained a matter of bitter concern for the residents on the Harrow side of the Stonegrove.
Stonegrove development to reintegrate the problematic Stonegrove estate, is on the edge of the green belt at the very northern edge of the London Borough of Barnet, close to Stanmore tube station and adjoining the London Borough of Harrow.
The residents expressed concerns three years ago that the frontage along Stonegrove needed better presentation as the urban ‘cardboard box’ style housing bears no relationship to any of the existing buildings or character of the area.
Since then there have been a number of added features to the development like a four-storey block. The latest being a planning application to build an extra level (which is called as “Minor Material Changes”!), despite that the objecting residents were seemingly assured of nothing higher than four.
Stoneg2A further concern is that this application appears to be a retrospective planning application as the work on the extensive extra floor has commenced (photo) before the planning committee permission.
The residents are concerned that increased density means implications for the character of the area, more people and increased demand on the services.
Such is the level of transparency and consultation that the residents discovered the application purely “by chance” when a large protected oak on Stonegrove was cut down on 17th October. On checking to see if there had been permission for that, they discovered that there had been an application to add a fifth storey to one of the massive buildings under construction, with patchy consultation with the affected residents.
“Most of my neighbours in Jesmond Way and Pangbourne Drive denied having received a notice” said the leading local campaigner Rhona Myers.
“The residents of Regents Court are distraught as they watch the building get even higher than the already overbearing mass directly opposite” added Mrs Myers who has been consistently airing the resident concerns about this development. Mrs Myers is set to address the Barnet planning committee meeting tomorrow.
It is disappointing the way Barnet is behaving and ignoring the residents expressed concerns. We hope this time the local planning authority would seriously consider the residents’ concerns and views in determining this application.