Gareth Thomas, shame on you!

It is becoming very clear that the war drive against Syria is also to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn who has been mixed up in all this.
Like Margaret Thatcher who sharpened the colonial ‘divide and rule’ and cleverly used it on the miners, David Cameron is systematically using the Syria factor to divide the Labour Party.
David Cameron who has visited Harrow to support Cllr Hall’s short-lived council administration – a fluke*, might have learnt how to divide Labour.
Jeremy Corbyn success and public appeal ended the New Labour/ Blair era that systematically damaged the Labour and social justice ideology over the years! This of course has troubled the New Labour gurus like Tony Blair and his followers like Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas.
Gareth dTherefore, no surprise that Mr Thomas who supported Liz Kendall, a Blairite, for the Labour leadership, voted for the Cameron motion to bomb Syria while even some Tory MPs, including David Davis, voted against!
Mr Thomas came close to losing his Harrow West seat at the last general election. He also contended for the London Mayor candidacy but badly lost.
A typical email response:
From: ………
Sent: 03 December 2015 21:46
To: Harrow Monitoring Group
Subject: Re: Gareth Thomas, shame on you!
Come next elections and I shall vote against Gareth Thomas and canvass others likewise for the single reason that he voted for bombing Syria.
Like now, in 2010 voters voted in Labour administration to run the council.
In mid-2013, a breakaway Independent Labour Group, encouraged and supported by the Tory group, snatched the council administration from Labour because of what has been described as the personal grudge against some in the Labour group.
Few months later, the Tory group grabbed the council administration with the support of the well groomed Independent Labour Group who voted in the Tory group through a highly controversial process which created the political mess (i.e. a hung council where both the Labour and Tory groups had 25 councillors each, and Tory minority administration was in place because of the 8 ILG councillors).