Public health is to crumble under ‘austerity measures’

Public health, under local government control, is in a position to consider the community assets, those who deliver and benefit from services, looking beyond needs and treatments.
However, the Harrow council, like other councils, faces huge challenge to deliver an effective public health service, given worst financial settlement for local government and a contracting budget.aus.Still001
For some, the compound effect of unemployment and welfare cuts means worse diets, colder homes and less physical mobility, with potentially longer-term health and welfare impacts. Add to this the weak aspects of the public health in Harrow, like mental health and the health inequality gap, and the picture becomes quite alarming.
Furthermore, the cabinet meeting on 10/12/12 approved the draft budget for 2016/17 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) 2016/17 to 2018/19 for general consultation that includes the proposal to cut down its public health budget from around £10.7m in 2015-16 to £5.9m by 2018-19.
The proposed cuts include a 60% cut to drug and alcohol services, nearly £700,000 for staff that support non-statutory services such as workplace health, long-term conditions and unemployment, 15% cuts in the sexual health service in 2017-18 and a 93% reduction in the smoking cessation services.

Austerity Demonstration in Harrow early this year