Is Harrow opposition good value for money?

The Tory group on the council claims that it is the ‘second largest Conservative opposition in London’ but it does not feel that way.
The performance of the group that enjoys over £250,000 public money in allowances per year, appears very weak under Cllr Hall’s leadership, considering what they ought to be doing but are not doing.
SH D3The opposition should work as a critical friend, assisting the administration whenever possible and suggesting healthy alternatives whenever necessary, all in the interest of effectively serving the community. But what happens is a kind of ‘punch and judy’ attitude by the opposition at the Council meetings or the Cabinet question times or through the letters in a local newspaper – all in a show of point scoring.
For example, they keep objecting major planning proposals, probably as this is the only area to stir because of the planning expertise of their planning portfolio holder in the pre2010 administration who otherwise has been kept at a distance since her come back to the council.
They have failed to suggest where the civic centre could be housed or where the much needed affordable homes could be built, instead they rubbish the council’s regeneration programme and have opposed the plans like for 318 new homes on the former post office site in College Road, Harrow.
No shadow budget has been presented thereby denying residents alternatives to the financial decisions being taken by the administration – one reason for this is because of the apparent lack* of budgeting experience and knowledge to lead meaningful debate on the Council finances.
* the budget presented by Cllr Hall during her short-lived Tory administration – a fluke – was badly defeated!