Junior doctors’ strike in Harrow setting


np2.Still001Northwick Park junior doctors played their active part in the national junior doctors’ strike on 12 January, following a powerful protest and rally in London to ‘Save NHS Bursaries’, both expressing bitterness about how badly the NHS has been treated by the governments.
Junior doctors are very important. It is a sect of society that is not normally militant, putting their dedication for their patient above anything else. They have not taken action for 40 years – if they are that angry now, it is because they are very badly treated” said a supporter Marie Lynam whose husband was treated at the Northwick Park hospital.
The junior doctors’ action came after talks between the British Medical Association (BMA) and the government failed to reach agreement on a proposed new contract for junior doctors.
The BMA, which is concerned about pay for weekend working, career progression and safeguards to protect doctors from being overworked, said the strike had sent a “clear message” to the government.