Gang and youth violence in Harrow?

voilenceUnder the Home Secretary’s drive, her minister Karen Bradley MP, responsible for dealing with various problems associated with the diversity, informs providing support for areas including Harrow that will allow the police and authorities to deal with the local gang and youth violence – a positive reflection on the government before the London elections.
Whether there is such a serious problem in Harrow or it is a perceived problem because of the presence of certain people on our streets, the point of interest is the scope of the ‘support’ which Harrow is thrilled about.
In other areas where such a support has been provided, it is more to deal with the ‘effects’ through police action and receiving support from experts to better understand the nature of the gang-related violence and exploitation, identify opportunities for collaborative working and share effective ways of tackling challenges in the town.
In Harrow, the Harrow Safeguarding Children Board informs about a ‘small number of young people becoming involved in gangs and serious youth violence’, but has a similar hollow approach to address as the home office i.e. to deal with the effects rather than addressing the cause as hinted by the MPs committee.
“Gangs and serious youth violence are the product of the high levels of social breakdown and disadvantage found in the communities” – Ending Gang and Youth Violence: A Cross Government Report: November 2011
Well, Harrow has some most deprived areas according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation, and Harrow has failed to meet some of its deprivation-specific performance targets – would the home office ‘support’ help to address the ‘social breakdown and disadvantage found in the communities’ in Harrow?