Flying caddies!

Flying binsWe heard concerns and expressed these about the quality of the recently introduced caddies.
Now there are further concerns about these flying all over the place after being emptied because of the strong gusty winds this year. This poses serious safety hazard, especially when they finish up in the streets/ roads and could cause serious vehicle accident.
In many cases the caddies are not removed from the streets for hours as the respective residents are not around.
Wonder if the caddy designers/ manufacturers did full risk assessment, including the impact of the weather conditions on these lightweight caddies when used outside, considering how these could be handled and left behind by the bin collectors in a rush.
Hope the council would review the caddy design – perhaps a reinforced base to make it more stable under windy conditions – and issue guidance for the residents how best to store these outside to avoid these blown by strong winds as well as to instruct the bin collectors to take good care about how/ where these are left after being emptied.