‘Our approach is now much more business-like’, claims the council

Nice to hear that the council has a ‘business-like’ approach (page 32 of the 1,568 pages reports before the cabinet meeting tomorrow)!
Surely this means that the ‘going concern’ has well established structure where the chief executive sits between the council Members and the staff as a key adviser to the former and a leader of the latter.
While the relationship between the chief executive and all Members is pivotal for good governance, in Harrow the leader of the opposition (photo) considered this post redundant and has not really welcomed the chief executive’s return to Harrow.
In the ‘business-like’ approach, the chief executive has achieved appropriate staffing structure and could get best out of them through the demanding leadership, but he has no control on the quality of the Members.
For example, no obvious demand by the Members for a well defined and consolidated council’s business model rather than having scattered statements in the 1,568 pages cabinet reports about the council’s growth, where it will go for funding and how to build a sustainable income stream etc.SH D3
Such is the situation that out of 24 point-scoring cabinet questions by the opposition councillors tomorrow, one asks for ‘the business/financial case of the senior management restructure’ but no sense to ask for the business case in view of the council’s claimed ‘business-like’ approach.
Another question asks what different skills the officers need for the successful delivery of the projects due to the increased focus on commercialisation in the Budget – he fails to ask the same question about the skills of the Members who are to have an eye on building for the future, as much as addressing the immediate needs.