Hidden charges in care homes

Citizen Advice’s recent research report on the hidden charges alerts that older people living in care homes risk getting a poor deal for a variety of reasons.
They may have physical or mental health conditions which limit their ability to advocate for their own interests.
Some care homes give extremely short notice periods for fee increases, fail to pass on savings, and may be profiting when residents are away for extended periods of time, for instance, when in hospital, the report points out.
Key charges, such as carer assistance and chiropody, are often hard to discover before moving into a care home and can be very expensive.
handsCommenting on the report which says that a number of local authorities are still struggling to ensure people have access to affordable care home options despite new statutory requirements, Harrow assistant director of social services Chris Greenway assured that Harrow is much ahead of such authorities.
We have developed the current My Community ePurse system that has links to information on every care home in the Borough and throughout North West London and their Care Quality Commission ratings, Mr Greenway informed.
“We also have a set of 8 minimum standards for entry into our marketplace that includes some of the issues around fees and charges, quality and employment of staff. Moreover, we have developed a Residential and Nursing Care Quality Charter, which reflects the views of people that have used Care Homes and their families to identify what a Good home should look like” added Mr Greenway.