Intriguing politics of Whitchurch playing fields!

Full credit goes to the Harrow East Tory party for their part in systematically securing this site for the Hindu secondary school.
In 2012, Labour run council decided to make the Whitchurch Consortium its preferred bidder for the tender to take over the lease and to redevelop the Whitchurch Pavilion and Playing Fields, saying that “our residents deserve excellent sports facilities”.
Soon after this decision, an opposition campaigned was encouraged by the Harrow East Conservatives, arguing that the issue is a ‘political matter’ in the constituency and charging the foot-soldiers to believe that the land needs to be developed for ‘sports for the community with proper facilities’.
Interesting that this was also the time when the Avanti School trust, led by an executive who attended Harrow East Conservatives fund-raising events, was looking for a suitable site like this for their Hindu secondary school.
WCPFHowever, the leading campaigners at the time believed that “We want to save a beautiful part of this green and pleasant land for all the people of the borough”, perhaps not being aware of a possible process to have a pre-determined outcome here.
People living in Stanmore and Edgware were asked to “make noise” by lobbying the Labour administration and council officers, including chief executive, and persuade them to re-think the matters.
A letter described the atmosphere at a cabinet meeting (Tories had no respect for public): “due to the constant barrage of heckling and abuse from the Conservative shadow cabinet towards public questioners and portfolio holders … made it almost impossible for members of the public, such as myself, to hear what the main areas of contention are around issues such as the re-development of Whitchurch Playing Fields”.
In late 2013 and before May 2014 council election when the controversial short-lived Cllr Hall administration  was working hard to retain the fluked control of the council, things moved fast as the local Avanti House formally showed  interest in building a new school building on the site which also provided an opportunity for Tory group leader to recover from her previous controversial* position about the location of the Hindu school in the borough.
To help the situation, Harrow East Tory MP Bob Blackman brought up the issue of the future of Whitchurch Playing Fields in a Westminster Hall debate, probably to increase his share of votes at the general election in 2015.
Minister for schools announced a feasibility study into the suitably of playing fields for a new school and completed it in favour of the Hindu school. The Education Funding Agency gave approval for the Avanti School trust to build the Hindu school at the Whitchurch playing fields. Subsequently, the arrangements for the lease of the site to the school trust were agreed under the Tory administration which was badly defeated in the 2014 council election.
February 2016: the Labour council granted planning permission for the Hindu secondary school to build a permanent new home at the playing fields despite being contrary to the site’s allocated purpose, seemingly as the main political parties calculated the level of support for their respective candidates at the London elections and could not afford a backlash from those concerned.
While we wish the Hindu school well, we don’t quite know what to say to the innocent previous ‘campaigners’ who were cleverly used in a highly political move and motivated by the fear that this redevelopment could cause problems such as the heavy traffic and the potential for undue noise and disturbance to those living nearby. Similarly, we don’t know what to say to the present objectors in minority.
SH D3* Observer Letters (Tory should say sorry to parents): “In one breath she welcomes the government’s support for the second Hindu school in the entire country and than, in the very next breath, she implies ‘not in my back yard’ … I feel Cllr Hall should apologise to the Indian community for her ill-disguised disapproval of their aspirations for a school for their children“.